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Eclipse Era of The Beast Manga | A Terminal World Without a Hero

Updated: May 26, 2023

Ch 1 - 2 | Beat-By-Beat

Eclipse Era of The Beast opens with a legend of a prophesied hero, undead beings called the Fallen, and an allusion to the event referred as Black Moon that brought down an entire Empire.

After a brief exposè on how the universe formed and the emergence of the abomination of soul-matter that is the Fallen, we open to a bounty ship that has just captured their first massive milestone - a High Fallen named Dovanni. Right away, we are exposed to the dark magic these creatures can possess - Dovanni’s being perception manipulation - and the skin-crawling ability to access a person’s mind.

EEOTB-CH0-Birth Of All Things

It’s not long after that we meet another High Fallen (Po) - in pursuit to retrieve Dovanni from being delivered to the Lemenian Empire. It’s then she utilizes hostages as an exchange and we get another hint of what Fallen are capable of - with her demonstrating claws that can conjure venom that drips a pitch-black liquid.

EEOTB-CH2 - High Fallen Po

[Now is your reminder to go and read the chapters themselves if you don’t want anything spoiled and then return to the video for this beat-by-beat. Eclipse is currently available on Gloablcomix and EEOTB.ONLINE. ]

Our bounty crew isn’t empty-handed in the magic department, however, as they are able to make use of concentrated energy bursts fueled by the lifeforce energy that circulates within them. Some utilize the conductive base of their swords, others use gauntlets that aid in blasting enemies at close range - but more talented fighters can whip projectile energy with their bare hands.

This leads us to the main character - Captain Liah - summoning electric surges of blinding fire light upon the flesh of the offending Fallen. Only to be presented with a very unexpected ability, not previously documented by any reports - the High Fallen has regenerated instantly - without consuming any energy to rebuild the lost matter.

Thus incites the unnerving truth to unfold - the Fallen have established dominance over the balance of the Physical Realm, and the situation will only become worse.

EEOTB-CH2- High Fallen Regeneration Ability

And with the overpowering of the moment, the Fallen escape, leaving the bounty crew empty-handed and burdened with the knowledge that the hydra they continuously fight against - is relentlessly devouring the potential for hope.

The foreboding weighs heavy against the spirits of the living in a crumbling world with no signs of the foretold hero. That is - until a gigantic beam of light shows up on the night’s horizon.

A flurry of excitement stirs onboard as the crew surmises that this could finally be the moment the world has been waiting for - the coming of a Celestial Spirit who will vanquish evil and return harmony to the conscious kind.

EEOTB-CH2- Liannah, Zola, and Teeko

However, a cagy captain reveals it is merely a call to action by the Ttaigan Empire - a well-guarded canyonland of opulent isolation to the cruel outside world. If they are calling out, surely they have treasures of great power to offer in return.

It is decided that the ship will make course for the appeal and salvage the failed bounty campaign in hopes of vital materials that Ttaigo surely possesses.

What could the Ttaigan Empire - one that attains the highest degree of security, want from the outside world? Do these new powers of the High Fallen have to do with Kiekosa’s downfall? What does the captain know that is dragging down her state of mind?


Eclipse aims to serve the young adult crowd. It is a manga for women. It's a manga for Zelda lovers. A manga for Fullmetal Alchemist and Aribender fans.

similar to fullmetal alchemist - Legend of Zelda - The Last Airbender

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