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Nextgen Manga - Eclipse Era of the Beast Manifests The Promised One in Paperback: Book 1 in Series

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

A new nextgen manga for spiritual fantasy lovers

The wait is over for manga enthusiasts and fantasy lovers as Eclipse Era of the Beast releases the paperback edition of the Promised One (Book 1). Created by author Jay M, nextgen manga Eclipse Era of the Beast combines elements of fantasy adventure, spirituality, and character-driven storytelling to deliver an enthralling reading experience that appeals to the millennial audience.

Eclipse Era of the Beast - The Promised One - Manga Comic Paperback

Inspired by manga like Fullmetal Alchemist, influenced by the artistry of Japanese storytelling (Legend of Zelda) and real-life hermetic alchemy, Jay M has crafted a vivid world within Eclipse Era of the Beast. The Promised One invites readers to embark on a tenacious journey in a negatively charged world and the horrifying abilities possessed by the Fallen - beings that feed on the negative energy of their victims.

EEOTB Manga comic - Liannah Desonai

At the heart of the series lies Liannah, a bombastic bounty hunter whose destiny is intertwined with the fate of her world. As readers follow Liannah and her companions on their dangerous encounters with the High Fallen, they are soon thrust into a plot to maintain the balance of the realm.

Now available in paperback, Eclipse Era of the Beast invites newcomers to lose themselves in its universe: a corruption of contagious life-matter called the Fallen, a prophesized hero conjured by an ancient Elder Spirit, and the doom that looms over the balance of the Universe.

EEOTB manga comic, Decedre

"Embrace your truths. All your truths - this includes your flaws, fears, and natural talents - how can you transmute that into the life you want to (and must) live?" shares Jay M, the visionary creator behind Eclipse Era of the Beast. Through the medium of manga, Jay M aims to inspire readers to reflect on their journeys, embrace their inner strengths and find solace in the face of adversity.

The paperback edition of The Promised One: Book 1 of Eclipse Era of the Beast promises to ignite the imagination of manga enthusiasts, fantasy lovers, and those who appreciate character-driven storytelling.

For more information, author interviews, and updates, please follow Eclipse Era of the Beast at

About Eclipse Era of the Beast:

In a land plagued by undying souls shattered into their mortal bodies, an unwilling hero must rise to meet their destined duty to restore the wavering energies of the universe. The Fallen, threaten life's very existence when the balance of all things shifts for the worse. When the Tendrils of Fate pass over, The Era of the Beast shall either end in restored harmony or collapse under chaotic frequencies that hold reality together.

Manga Like Fullmetal Alchemist - Eclipse Era of the Beast - Compare

If you liked: Fullmetal Alchemist | You'll like Eclipse for the:

  • Look and Feel - Art style and comedic shifts in tone

  • Character Development and Connection Arcs

  • Alchemy-Driven Magic System (Hermetic Alchemy Lore)

Legend of Zelda - TOTK - Compare - Eclipse Era of the Beast

If you liked: Legend of Zelda | You'll like Eclipse for the:

  • Dark Fantasy and thematic elements YA+

  • In-Depth Lore and Worldbuilding Universe

  • Fantasy Concepts of Deities and Higher Beings

Avatar The Last Airbender | Compare | Eclipse Era of the Beast

If you liked: Avatar the Last Airbender | You'll like Eclipse for the:

  • Character-Driven Storytelling and deep friendships

  • Silly shifts in tone

  • Spirituality-based magic system

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