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Embrace the Captivating World of Eclipse Era of the Beast: A Manga Adventure Catered to Millennials

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Manga has enchanted readers worldwide with its mesmerizing stories and captivating artistry, and Eclipse Era of the Beast aims to carry on that spirit. EEOTB strives to stand beside existing new-gen manga in that it will resonate with the millennial generation - exploring the themes of self-discovery of one's purpose, navigating a negatively charged world, and embarking on an inner spiritual journey.

EEOTB Manga - Teeko, Liannah, and Zola - fullmetal alchemist manga panels
Engaging Characters and Personal Journeys

Eclipse Era of the Beast introduces readers to a cast of compelling characters who embark on rich inner journeys. Through our main protagonist's (Liannah) experiences - as well as those of her crew - readers are invited to reflect on their own paths and find inspiration to embrace what is handed to them and confront life's challenges, despite the desire to escape a weary reality.

EEOTB Manga - Light Being Great Weaver
Thought-Provoking Themes

The manga delves into the complexities of navigating a world filled with uncertainties, capturing the spirit of a generation coming of age and seeking their place in the degradation of society. It poses philosophical questions about purpose, identity, and the significance of the alchemical existence.

EEOTB Manga - Ghetka, The First Fallen
Artistic Fusion and Genre Blend

Eclipse Era of the Beast merges fantasy adventure with the principles of hermetic alchemy, creating an experience that appeals to readers seeking rich magic systems. Weaving elements of magic, supernatural abilities, and organic technology - the empires and conscious kind are ever-colluding to get an upper hand against the Fallen's expected harvests.

Eclipse Era of The Beast - The Promised One Set

As June shepherds in the first print edition (The Promised One VOL 1 Set #1), it's soon your chance to grab a copy of Eclipse Era of the Beast and delve into a story that will inspire, challenge, and transport you to a realm where the power of the human spirit shines.

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